1. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Rocky – I love an underdog tale! I watched The Set-Up quite a while ago, so the specifics are a bit sketchy, but I remember the realism and the grittiness. I didn’t know the lead had been changed though – I’ll have to give it a re-watch with that in mind!

    • Well, I guess we can’t expect a film to follow its poem origins too closely:) You should never be ashamed of loving Rocky. Sure, Rocky IV is cheesy and wrong–and 5 worse. But the first one is great, and honestly, I love even the cheesy ones. My toddler nephew has multiple Rocky t-shirts from a family friend–that’s how well known my sister’s admiration is. My sister who usually hates sports and has never watched boxing outside of the films. There’s just something about those movies….

  2. John

    Love all the Rocky’s . You need to see Body And Soul, City For Conquest, They Made Me A Criminal and The Life Of Jimmy Dolan.

    • Hi John. They’re the best, aren’t they? I get inspired and happy just thinking of them:) I have Body and Soul home right now, I think based on your rec. Going to watch it soon. The others sound intriguing too. Thanks! Leah

  3. I love this film, and am just about as heartbroken as Audrey Totter to see Robert Ryan take such a beating. I love him madly!

    And John Garfield in Body and Soul. Oh my God.

    Ryan, Garfield… Is it hot in here or is it just… them?

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