1. Brittaney

    Constance Bennett is an actress that comes to mind. Her films are mostly mediocre, but I still love to watch her.

  2. Interesting post! I think it’s possible for taste to elevate an actor above talent, although for me there’s something about saturation too – I seem to like Katie Holmes ‘more’ now the Cruise circus has abated. I hate to admit it, but I certainly make judgements about (contemporary) actors based on their personal life or the image the ‘media’ decides to create for them (Aniston/Paltrow…) even though I know I should judge based on performance (or taste?!).

    • True. I do too. I can’t, for example, stomach Tom Cruise anymore, and if I like an actor a lot who is acting badly (i.e., Alec Baldwin), I try to drive the behavior from my mind so that I can enjoy the performances.:) What’s unfair is when you know it’s the media’s portrayal, not the person him/herself. I don’t think that’s the case with Paltrow, however. She just can’t stop herself from making alienating comments & suggestions for others…I think taking some time to educate herself about how the other half lives would improve her image AND her acting.

  3. JRD

    In defense of Norma Shearer, she may come across as too dramatic possibly due to the fact she started during the silent era when one had to project much more drama to evoke a mood or help with a scene.
    I’ll take the great Norma Shearer over anything Hollywood has produced in the last twenty five years. In my opinion Hollywood is dead!

    • I can see what you mean. And to her credit, she’s compelling even when she does seem overdramatic by today’s standards. I don’t think my opinion of Hollywood has reached that point yet:), but I definitely understand your frustration!

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