1. Fox is such a likeable, nice guy, no wonder you like him so, I wouldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t 🙂 Thanks for covering him for this event, it was a great choice.

  2. I first came across Fox in BACK TO THE FUTURE. I must confess I wasn’t as much of a fan of “Family Ties”, but Fox did a lot to make Alex Keaton more than a sitcom construct (as he did with his role on “Spin City”), so I also suffered through THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS because of him. Two movies he was very good in, though (for me), were THE HARD WAY, which is a routine buddy movie enlivened by Fox (hysterical as a spoiled movie star trying to get “gritty”) and James Woods, and THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, where he’s the idealistic speechwriter. Nice write-up.

    • I think you’d like him better in other roles, as that one certainly didn’t require nearly as much nuance as others he’s played. But compare that performance to other teen ones of that ilk, and you can see just how much better he was, even at a simple character, than so many of his peers.

      I am sorry you suffered through Secret too! And though I didn’t see The Hard Way, he was brilliant in The American President. So funny. Thanks for commenting! Leah

  3. Your tribute to Michael J. Fox made me a little weepy. (I’m serious!)

    Thank you for joining the blogathon with a touching tribute to this remarkable and talented Canadian.

    • Thank you! I’m glad it did for you too. It made me wonder why I haven’t gone back and re-watched more than I have…Then again, I didn’t catch the Michael J. Fox show, which I was hoping would make it longer, so there’s a whole season waiting for me:) Leah

  4. I’m so glad you deviated from the classics with this wonderful post on Fox, who’s one of my personal faves from ‘recent’ Hollywood. The disappointment (about his origins) that you mentioned is familiar to me – so many UK actors move to the US or star in US films that it feels like you’ve lost the connection to them (no matter it was intangible in the first place). Quite a few even renounce their origin which, props to Fox, I don’t think he’s ever done!

  5. I didn’t see him in any of the sitcoms, but loved him in Back to the Future. He is such an inspiration, being able to be so positive and have such a great work ethic in light of his health challenges. I really admire him for that. Thanks for pointing that out. What a good lesson for all of us.

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