1. Hi there Leah. THANK YOU! Thank you so much for making the time to accept the Liebster Award and the responsibilities that go with it: ( answering my crazy questions! L0L! ) I’m finding out that bloggers are a pretty busy lot.


    * Stanwyck and Grant – Genius casting. That never occurred to me. I can see THEM.

    * “Notorious” your favorite Hitchcock flick. I love it too, though it took me a long time because I was so mad at Cary Grant for being such a blockhead where Bergman was concerned in the movie. I love what you wrote about “sleeping with the enemy.” Oooooh, and that Mother-In-Law…yikes!

    * Cary not Gable? Ahhhh, yes. “Acrobatics” count. 😉

    * No Oscar For Miss Stanwyck – I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find her not receiving a “competitive” Oscar. Glad she was given an honorary one. Her work was astounding. I hope Bette Davis can forgive me when I say Stanwyck was an all-round better actress ( and I luv the volcano Bette is. )

    * Johnny Depp? Haaaaa! Put her there Sister!!! I can’t take him. ( Attacks? You watch my flank, and I’ll watch yours! )

    * The Julia Childs-NOT Award goes to you. No water for oatmeal? Yeah, that takes the cake…

    * Mae West would be the person you’d love to interview? Stop the presses and bring on the cold water. She’ll scorch your eardrums, so record ev’rythaaaaang!

    Again, thank you sooo much Leah for being a good sport with answering and accepting this Liebster Award.


    • Thank you for nominating me! And for being my companion in The Julia Childs-NOT club (I am so using that term now:)) So true. Cary Grant’s character is really such a bad guy. Just better than the alternative! Oh, the honorable Oscar, the oops award. Not enough, is it? So glad I’m not alone in my finding Depp a bit lackluster.You’re so right about West. I think I’d be in shock for a long time after…

  2. Aw, I’m honored to be a Liebster recipient! If not soon, someday I’ll answer your questions, I swear! I love your love for Barbara Stanwyck. She’s the best <3

  3. Thanks so much! Love your answers and questions; these are tough! but good, so I’m thinking.. 🙂 Notorious is a great choice, same with Stanwyck and the Mae West interview, I’d want to sit in on that. all the best!

  4. Thank you! I’m honored to be nominated! Normally I would love to participate, but this week has gone crazy on me. 🙁

    Ooh, Barbara Stanwyck and Cary Grant…would not have immediately thought of them together, but what a combination! I wonder if it could have been the kind of comedy, like Bringing Up Baby and The Lady Eve, in that she would be in hot pursuit of him.

    That is a wonderful gift; to find the coolest cat in the shelter! 🙂 I adopted a cat several months ago and named her after my favorite screwball comedy and favorite actress all at once: Lady Eve.

  5. Do you realize you nominated me AGAIN?? This would be the FOURTH time I’ve answered such questions (I answered one set of questions when a blogger simply put forth the questions and didn’t nominate anyone). Are you sure you want me to subject my blog readers to that kind of torture?

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