1. Fun read.

    Yeah, I know your pain at trying to “convert” someone.

    “it’s in Black and White!!!!”

    “I don’t want to have to read subtitles!”

    “A SILENT MOVIE????”

    All I can say is that sometimes it just takes the right movie. I remember screening “Umbrellas of Cherbourg” for my wife, and seeing the look on her face when I told her all the dialogue was sung. She was a good sport and watched it anyway, and now if you asked her she would tell you it’s her favorite film.

  2. At least you have 9 more to try and convince her. My boyfriend isn’t a classic movie fan but he watched, laughed at and didn’t fall asleep to (a Christmas miracle!) The Lady Eve yesterday… so perhaps that’s one to try?

  3. john

    Well I would try The Bishop’s Wife with Cary Grant for a Christmas time film. If you can’t enjoy that movie during the Christmas season, it would seem hopeless :(.

    This Friday on TCM is The Out Of Towners, if you can’t laugh during this movie, you just don’t know what funny is. If she doesnt’t like Garfield in Pride Of The Marines, I would give up.

    Good luck in your quest.

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