1. John

    That’s a fun photo of Charles Coburn, he was such a talented and versatile actor. If you haven’t seen the biopics, Edison The Man and The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, they are well worth a viewing if you get a chance. Coburn and another great character actor Gene Lockhart are wonderful in these classics. Edison The Man is my favorite Spencer Tracy movie.

      • John

        I tried to email you but it didn’t work. I wanted to send you a youtube you might like. If you do accept emails, let me know and email me if you can… Ty John

  2. I love that so much of Together Again revolves around a choice of hat, it’s funny how costume can drive plot as much as enhance character. I must admit that I’ve never seen any Veep, but I love it when you can draw seemingly random connections between films, at least it justifies watching so many 😉

  3. John

    Funny you should mention a Mr. Witherspoon, that name is stuck in my mind from the great Cary Grant comedy, Arsenic And Old Lace. The character Mr. Witherspoon was played by the awesome character actor, Edward Everett Horton. Some of these character names in movies I just love.

  4. John

    My classic goto comedies include Arsenic And Old Lace, It’s A Mad, Mad,Mad,Mad World, The Man Who Came To Dinner(Woolley) and Laurel Hardy’s: The Music Box. Some contemporary comedies I like emphasize Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss which include: Stripes, What About Bob?, Let It Ride, Groundhog Day,The Dream Team and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

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