1. Brittaney B

    I know the struggle. I am constantly trying to convert my family into classic movie fans. Although they are more open to watching classic films. I’ve had the most success with comedies and Cary Grant films of course. The other night I had them watch Million Dollar Baby with Priscilla Lane and it was a huge hit thanks to May Robson’s wise cracking elderly heiress.

    • Thanks, Brittaney! I’ve had much better luck with friends and my husband. My mother is also pretty receptive. But alas, if anything, my younger sister is more adamant against them than Rachel. I didn’t even bother making a bet with her. Keep fighting the good fight!! I haven’t seen that Lane picture yet; you’ve got me convinced:)

  2. Well, I’m flummoxed! I have three sisters and we’re all appreciative of classic film. In fact, we’re getting together in a couple of weeks to see Harold Lloyd in “The Kid” with live accompaniment.

    The time will come. Looks like you’ll have to wait for her to turn to the light.

    • Thanks, Patricia. You’re lucky. My sisters are in sync with me on modern films (and Oscars obsession), so I’ll just have to be grateful for that until Rachel arrives there on her own (my other sister is even more set against them). In the meantime, I DO have friends I can sway:)

  3. Patrick

    All About Eve, Only Angels Have Wings, How Green Was My Valley, and maybe throw in another Hitchcock – The 39 Steps or Rebecca. The Awful Truth is a great choice.

  4. John

    I would suggest the James Stewart film, The Mortal Storm, one of the classic films which moves fast and where the first half of the movie is better than the second. Would have been one of the best films of all-time but the ending was such a let down.

    Wrong film (Body and Soul) on Garfield for a new classic fan, try Pride Of The Marines if you wish to soften her heart…

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