1. John

    Could you believe Woods was originally cast as Tom Powers? Thank God warners made both actors switch roles 🙂 . This film definitely burst Cagney into the spotlight. His acting was a little rough in this one but his dynamic personality is definitely showcased in this gem.

    When you finally see Angels With Dirty Faces, you will see Cagney at his best, a fine and polished actor.

  2. James cagney was the first movie star I fell in love with and it was chiefly because of this film (and The Strawberry Blonde). His charisma is undeniable. As for Harlow – boy did she stink in this film (I love her and am so glad she found her stride quickly). It is hard not to stare at her, though, isn’t it?

    • It really is hard to believe they ever considered him for the supporting part instead, isn’t it? He’s electrifying in it. And yes, a terrible performance on Harlow’s part, but she looks amazing in it. Thanks for reading! Leah

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