1. Thanks so much for joining in! Yeah, this one had a few missed opportunities. It’s like Disney wants an empowered heroine but then they also want to maintain the princess brand and… short-circuit! So they end up trying to do both and not doing justice to either side. I did like this movie but there wasn’t much I remembered after it was over.

  2. For me this failed because I expected so much from it. Mother Gothel is a wonderful character, but Rapunzel – despite an improvement on previous incarnations – just didn’t have enough edge or substance. It still feels like things happen to her, rather than her actions truly driving the plot. The silent clip you mention is certainly one of my personal highlights in a film that – ultimately – fails to deliver.

    • It’s true. I feel like it was a failure of imagination on the writers’ part. Had they come up with a more interesting reason for her impatience in being in the tower, how much more interesting this film could have been. Mother Gothel DOES make up for a lot. Leah

  3. I’m loving the recent spunky heroines wave on Disney. This is somehow empowering!
    Missed opportunities? Sure! I always think that a good silent scene is worth a 1000 words. They could have used the chameleon for these moments!
    Thanks for the kind comment!

  4. Until you mentioned it, I had not given much thought to the reason no one had ever made a feature out of Rapunzel before. Her scope of action is very limited. I think Dinsey tried hard to expand the story. Pascal and Maximus stole the show. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    • Yes, there’s not much to her. The passive heroines don’t give them much to work with. But Beauty isn’t terribly interesting either, and they managed to do something with her:) At least we got Pascal and Maximus! Thanks for commenting! Leah

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