1. Darci

    We have to talk this weekend. I just started OITNB and am into Season 2. My prison mentee Betsy read the book and met the author at the Indiana Womens Prison. The show hurts my heart because I imagine what Betsy goes through.

  2. Well you’ve sparked my interest! Must put them both on my list to watch….sometime…after I finish House of Cards….I try to keep my viewing to one series at a time and I’m way behind everyone else in the world. I haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet either. BTW, a friend of mine was one of the producers of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. I did watch that (on free-to-air in Oz) and enjoy it!

    Oh, and congrats on being on Discover!!

    • Oh dear, sorry, I just realised my gaff there, the feed on my WordPress Reader is so full of posts from WordPress, promoting posts on Discover, that I forgot for a moment that some posts are just there because I follow that person’s blog myself, and not because they were promoted on Discover. Anyway, it’s a very Discover-worthy post! So well done, I say!

    • House of Cards is addictive. I had to watch the British version too, which was also good. But I’d steer clear of BB till your schedule is pretty clear. Once it hooks you, it’s bad. I could stop House of Cards. With BB, not so much:) That so cool your friend was on that show!! So amazing.

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