1. John

    Classic Reagan film here. I think this one and Kings Row define Ronald Reagan the actor. He really did deserve some better scripts. I am a huge fan of bio films even if they fudge a little. I just love history. Nice review!

  2. John

    Hey Leah since your keen on sports films and light on Cagney, try City For Conquest, it’s a tear jerker with a boxing angle 🙂 . You will even see Elia Kazan in an acting role here.

    Another boxing film you might like is EG Robinson, Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis in Kid Galahad.

    Two boxing related John Garfield movies worth seeing are Body and Soul and They Made Me A Criminal.

  3. John

    I loved those two films. What’s cool about those films to me is the dramatic background music that seems to touch our hearts and souls when watching it.

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