1. Leah, I had the same sorry introduction to Jean — I first saw her in “Public Enemy” years and years ago and thought, yeah, she’s gorgeous, but what the heck is all the fuss about? Then I saw her in Platinum Blonde and several other films and it was love at second sight. And third. And fourth…

    And ugh, don’t get me started on “Libeled Lady”! The back and forth between her and Spencer Tracy is priceless. And nobody does “put-upon dame” better than Jean.

    I wonder how many other people got off on the wrong foot with her — or with classic movies generally — and never gave them a second look… of course that’s a subject close to your heart, based on your blog’s name!!

    Warmest wishes,


    • Yes, she’s not good in Public Enemy. I had the feeling she got some poor advice on that one. Both of my sisters are in that wrong-foot situation with classic films; I think my mother showed them one too many Hayley Mills movies, and neither of them will believe me when I tell them there was good acting before the late 1960s. Luckily, I happened upon AMC early on and realized I was just seeing the wrong stuff. Still working on them:) It’s so much fun to talk with those who appreciate Jean. Thanks!

  2. Harlow is one of the best, but it’s taken me a while to appreciate her. I came to her through Marilyn (I’m a massive fan!) and I always saw her as an imitation even though I KNEW it was the other way round, and that MM borrowed so much from Harlow.

    The film that made me realise the error of my ways was Platinum Blonde, I adored Harlow in it because she was so realistically callous. Always one for the tragic element too, I was captivated by her (and co-star Robert Williams’) early death, and ideas about what could have been.

    • It took a while for me to appreciate Marilyn too (maybe it’s the bombshell thing). It wasn’t until I saw her in The Prince and the Showgirl that I realized she really had something. A bad film, yes, but she was so alive and charming in it that the others might as well not have been on the screen:) Leah

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