1. Wow – this is one Mae West I have never seen. It is fun to re-watch old favorites and classics, but it always exciting to discover something new (no matter how old). I loved your post and really do want to see this film. when watching, i will keep your review in mind. Good work.

  2. This is a wonderful review! I love it! I’ve not seen this film and am keen to see it ASAP now that I’ve read your review.

    I love the idea of Mae West mocking the studios et al with her hammy performance. I bet it’s brilliant.

  3. This was the very first Mae West movie I watched. I was a teenager and I realized I was seeing someone who was a total individual. I didn’t realize how much of a mark she made in her earlier films until years later. Looking back, I think it was a good introduction although I couldn’t have told you why until I read your insights. Well done!

  4. John Greco

    This may be the only Mae West Film I have not seen. Will have to be only the look out for it. Great review!

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