1. Cary Grant and William Powell made my list too. They are incomparable. Barbara Stanwyck is a favorite as well, There’s just something special about her. She makes me wish she was my best friend.

  2. Heflin. Nice! He was outstanding (as was everyone else) in “Patterns” and despicable in “The Prowler.” All good choices.

  3. Wonderful list! Glad to see you picked Van Heflin. I always know I can count on him — actually, all of your choices are reliably great performers! I’m kinda mad at myself for not instantly thinking of Bill Powell, but I suppose that’s the way it crumbles, cookie-wise.

  4. I loved reading your comments behind each selection! I’m seeing Barbara Stanwyck on a lot of people’s lists and it is no wonder, she was a talent! And Cary Grant…”Because he gave me a name for my blog”…is great reasoning. 😉

  5. Deborah Taylor

    Stanwyck and Grant made me list too! How could I have forgotten Mae West! Great list – love that you included Van Heflin (absolutely love him in “East Side, West Side” )

  6. himzzzzz1

    Love, Love, Love your choices. I’m totally on the Van Heflin bandwagon. He was very underrated but always gave a believable performance. You will love “The Prowler” He was fab.

  7. Great choices! Van Heflin surprised me in this list, as he does in his movies! I’m glad to see Mae West and William Powell receiving love – lots of love!

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