1. You have beautifully (and hilariously – I laughed when you wrote of the film’s unexpected solution to casting) summed up the position of lovers of dance/ballet films!! Great dancing every time! I was recently reading an article talking about those fans of ballet films (like myself), who don’t care how bad the plot is as long as the dancing is amazing.

    I have not seen this, but will definitely have to now. Thanks so much for joining!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out at the end there! I always love learning about fellow IU graduates. And after looking Schull up, I just realized she’s in one of my favorite shows, Suits. The things you learn.

    Although this doesn’t sound like the best film, at least you have fun with it! I know I’ll be heading to YouTube right away to try to find dancing clips from it. Thanks for joining our blogathon with this great review!

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