1. I very much enjoyed this engaging reading of the film. The only humor I’ve found to date are in the scenes with Harvey Pell. I love how Helen Ramirez calls him on his immaturity, and the scene where he and Kane fight in the barn and Kane ends it by dumping water on him is wonderfully queer. But I do totally see Amy’s petulance and will watch with your eyes next time.

    • Yes, that character is definitely funny, as are Helen’s jibes. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s how unrelieved everything is–the extremism of everyone’s responses is SO the opposite of helpful that I found their reactions darkly humorous–and there’s the guy who was making coffins in preparation for the fight.

  2. What an interesting take on the High Noon characters. Otto Kruger had the right idea! The town wasn’t really worth saving.
    I just don’t see any comparison between High Noon and Rio Bravo. I love both but they are completely different. And of course it is the former which has the most dramatic impact.

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