1. Part of the reason may be that he is so well cast, that people in the Academy think that is the extent of the work that was put into the role. “Big Avuncular Guy” get John Goodman, “Wacky Loudmouth” get Goodman. He always brings more to the role than he starts with, but some just see the slot. I was surprised when Alan Arkin and not John Goodman was nominated for Argo. “Sea of Love” is another example of a film that he added so much more to than the leads did.

    • I don’t remember much of Sea of Love, but agree that his being overlooked must partially be casting. He does fit those roles so perfectly that they might not see how much he contributes. I was disappointed by Argo’s nominations. I like Arkin a lot, but thought Goodman better in it. Leah

  2. I’d never even considered him for a snub, but all you say makes perfect sense!! Terrific character actor who’s made so many films better! Great for you for bringing this to light! At least for me.

    Thanks for submitting this to our blogathon. 🙂


  3. If it’s any consolation he’s in good company.Look how long it took Paul Newman to finally win an Academy Award. It’s all politics.

  4. I first came across John Goodman in the (IMHO) otherwise forgettable David Byrne movie “True Stories.” I liked him then, and his role in “Raising Arizona” forever solidified my admiration for him. Terrific blog!

  5. Great post. Hopefully JG doesn’t give a sh*t about the Academy. I think his snubbing is probably because of some of the factors you’ve mentioned: making it look too easy, the TV thing, and possibly the co-star thing (do they really care who someone co-starred with 30 years ago? But I’ll accept your judgement on that one.) It seems strange to me that with all the reruns of old shows from 70’s, 80s and 90s on TV, I have never, ever accidentally come across an episode of Roseanne. Why is that? That was a good show.

    • Thank you! I heard Roseanne made a comeback when the economy started struggling–a family having a tough time getting by suddenly was appealing again. (Imagine that–realism in a sitcom:)) But I watch so much online now I don’t know when it played or on which channel! I don’t know if the costar thing still matters, but the Academy does seem to have some strange biases, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  6. Of his work with the Coens, I think Inside Llewyn Davis is his best stuff. Great character.

    I’m gonna go back a few years to another lesser-known role – Martin Scorcese’s “Bringing Out the Dead” as a paramedic. Small role, but very good.

  7. My gawd, John Goodman is overdue for an Oscar. But I can tell from the “10 Cloverfield Lane” trailer that this will only press the issue. Wake up, Academy!!!

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