1. Rita and Fred are so perfectly matched in this film, it’s my favourite of the three films they made together. And I love Eduardo’s hapless secretary, who steals several scenes!

    • Yes, they have amazing chemistry in this one. You’ll Never Get Rich, in contrast, never quite worked for me–though I think there it’s mainly that there’s too much plot, too little dancing. When those two are in motion together, the chemistry is there. And you’re right! The secretary is so funny in it. I like the aunt too, and occasionally, the mother; though Menjou has always gotten on my nerves, he’s well cast here.

  2. The title of this film is like perfect. I had never seen it, but it sounds like one I would like. And to see Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth dance together certainly sounds like something not to miss! Thanks for the great article 🙂

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    That was an awesome review! I love the little anecdote you told us at the beginning. I had never heard of this film before, but with a title like that, it certainly sounds like a cheering one!

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  3. Hi Leah. We can see in this movie why Rita Hayworth was one of Fred Astaire’s favorite partners. Too bad they didn’t let her do her own singing. “He thinks he can handpick her suitor and pretend the boy is writing the love notes he himself is penning.” Too bad Freud died before this one was released. He might have had some interesting comments ;0)

    • You are absolutely right! This one is so disturbing in terms of the father-daughter relationship! I can never avoid feeling squeamish as the dad discusses his whole strategy. As far as Rita, I don’t understand why they didn’t let her sing. Astaire didn’t have a great voice, so it’s unclear why she had to have one. I mean, if he’d been Frank Sinatra, I could understand. But as it was, the distinction is silly.

  4. I love both Fred and Rita, but have never seen this film. I believe some musicals hve silly plots because the music is everything that matters – not that it’s impossible to have both great plot and music.
    If I remember well, Fred said Rita was his favorite dance partner ever.
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  5. Great post! I adore this film. Fred and Rita were absolutely gorgeous together. I’m completely in love with Fred’s version of “Dearly Beloved,” too. I actually compiled notes for a post on this movie almost two years ago and still haven’t written anything up. Maybe when I get back to the States.

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