1. Very fine, witty review of a fun, madcap little film. It’s been ages since I’ve seen THE MAD MISS MANTON, so that I can hardly remember any details about it, but I do remember the great chemistry and back-and-forth between Stanwyck and Fonda. I like the sound of Stanwyck’s crew of society gal pals tromping around the city looking for clues. Funny about the film just dropping all reference to Miss Manton’s dogs and flaky behavior, though…maybe a case of course-correcting in the midst of production. Hope to revisit this one some day.

  2. The first time I saw this movie I was unimpressed, but the next time it was available I couldn’t resist giving it another shot. The third time I started to wonder about myself. Although it doesn’t entirely come together, there are little bits and pieces that are appealing. I can’t help wondering if a further adventure might have proven entertaining.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Yes, the first time I just saw a small bit of it on TCM and wondered what in the world Stanwyck was thinking to agree to do it. But once I saw the full film, I was in. I would have loved another adventure with Pat the focus–perhaps she was in danger because she spent too long carving the suspect’s turkey…

  3. Thanks for sharing this mad bit of fun! Absolutely agree that Barbara Stanwyck could play anything but a flake, what an amazing performer she was. It’s a cute concept for a film, a shame it didn’t come together better but it does sound like a blast. Glad to have you aboard for the Sleuthathon!

  4. The first time I watched this movie I HATED it. I was so disappointed in Stanwyck, who I thought could do no wrong. But the bewildering plot, those disappearing dogs…it was just too much. But then I watched it again and I liked it little bit more. Third time round I loved it – for all its faults and its silliness there’s something about it that makes me smile, and I willing to overlook her inability to play a flake (as you so rightly observe) because her banter with Fonda is just so good.
    Thank you for sharing this contribution!

    • I like her better for not being able to play a flake. After all, she was always playing strong, smart, cynical women, which is part of the reason her movies are such a joy to watch today. I think it would have pained me to see her the dupe of anyone. I think I remember the TCM special on her saying something about her decision to move to westerns and TV when the 50s brought on roles she didn’t like. And that, of course, makes me like her more.

  5. This film is a bit of a mess, but it has a brilliant premise and really is a lot of fun. Stanwyck and Fonda are a terrific duo, and they make the most of an imperfect script.

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