1. For some reason, I’ve not yet seen Grand Budapest Hotel, but I’m not surprised Ralph Fiennes was not nominated. What IS it with the Academy and comedies? Are they not to be taken as serious works because they make people laugh?

    • I think what’s strange is how long that’s been the case. If this were a short-term trend, we could dismiss it as the poor judgment of one group of bad Academy voters. But over time, again and again, comedy is undervalued in film. Such a shame. Do see the movie. It’s WONDERFUL. Leah

  2. It’s easy to think Fiennes’ performance was easy because he makes it LOOK so easy, and I think that’s the thing with comedy – to be good it has to be natural and un-laboured. And by it’s very definition it looks fun – never mind if the actor/actress had to struggle to find that voice – and the Academy doesn’t reward fun, it rewards hours spent in a make-up chair de-beautyfy-ing or weight loss or perceived trauma.

    I adore Wes Anderson but I wasn’t a huge fan of this particular movie, however Fiennes did carry it; his snub says more about the Academy than a Jen A omission. Which in my opinion was not an oversight, rather a surprising show of judgement 😉

    • It’s true. He does make it look easy! Like Jeff Bridges in Big Lebowski (also undervalued). I too was surprised by the Academy’s judgment in NOT giving Aniston a nod. It was a welcome surprise. Bottle Rocket is still my favorite, flawed as it is, but I enjoy all of them:) Leah

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