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    I’ve been wanting to see this movie. You’ve just made me want to get to it sooner. Good to see some William Powell appreciation.

  2. Great piece! I love this film and now have the urge to re-watch it… I’ve always felt it’s one of the more daring pre-codes in certain ways, it was just under the guise of sophistication so it flew (even more) under the radar. And Kay Francis – don’t even get me started!

    • Thank you! I have just watched a couple films with her (including Trouble, of course:)) but have been so impressed that I’ve been reading up on her. I agree that it’s daring in so many ways–and so funny as a result.

  3. Loved your write-up, Leah! I have this film and have watched about half of it — I am definitely motivated now to watch the rest! I think I stopped shortly after the marijuana scene — which was pretty mind-blowing (no pun intended)! Thanks so much for choosing this film, and for contributing to the blogathon!

  4. Great post! I almost wrote about this movie for the blogothon but it had been a while since I last saw it.

    I remember that when I watched it and Powell passed out the cigarettes I was like “What!!” I also wondered how Kay Francis kept that dress on! It’s literally about to fall off!!!

    ~ Phyl

  5. Such a fun film. I always wonder if Kay would have fared better if only that Myna Loy didn’t show up! She and Powell were so good together and this is just an elegant and stylish treat. And how did Kay keep that dress up?

  6. Those gems are pretty epic – you can see why the characters were (quite literally) dazzled by them. From what I remember, the costumes in this are pretty special (Orry Kelly I think), the sophisticated Kay Francis looks fantastic. Her and Vinson have a wonderful rapport – I wish female relationships like this still existed! But… I’m not sure this is Powell’s best role. There’s something a bit odd about his performance?!

    • It’s funny you say that because even though he seems to be his usual charming self, there IS something a bit false/stilted about his performance I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It’s kind of like he’s just slightly off key. But Vinson and Francis are so much fun I didn’t mind, and the costumes & jewels are so much fun.

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