1. Nice little Cliff Notes for those of us who aren’t able to regularly get to the cinema. I’m a mother of three lil’ ones, so solo outings are few and far between. (And even then, I usually opt for one of the classic movie showings.)

    • Thank you! I’ll do the other 2 if I make it on time:) I wish they hadn’t increased the number of nominees a few years back. I’m glad it’s 8 instead of 10, but it’s still too many for most of us! And a classic movie showing is absolutely preferable to most of the Oscar nominees each year:) Leah

  2. Micah

    I couldn’t get through Budapest and thought Boyhood was a refreshing break from formula. I guess we don’t only disagree about old movies.

    • Rachel

      Have to agree with Micah on Budapest. I fell asleep twice. I’m in between you two on Boyhood. Appreciated the concept but was quite bored. Whiplash is the best thing out there. LOVED IT. Then Imitation Game. Next I’d put Begin Again, which was great and isn’t in the running at all.

  3. Well that tears it! You and I should start going to movies together!! Loved Budapest, hated Boys, liked Birdman but it was a bit too much “inside baseball,” and thought The Imitation Game didn’t do justice to the material; Derek Jacobi played Turing in a television play a few years back and was incredible, though…

    • It’s nice to have company on Boyhood! My older sister and aunt agree with us, but most seem shocked I didn’t like it. I agree. We SHOULD watch movies together:) You know, I think you’re right about Birdman. I need to see if I can track down that Jacobi performance…

  4. Must admit, the only one I’ve seen from this list is Grand Budapest which I loved – but I’m a massive Wes Anderson fan so that’s no surprise! Will be interested to her your thoughts on The Theory of Everything – in my opinion not a best pic, but Redmayne is certainly a contender for best actor.

    • I have to confess that my memories of slogging through A Brief History of Time in college have kept me from that one, and now it’s too late to go to see it without a lot of distance and trouble. I’m waiting for the DVD release, as I like Redmayne and would like to see his performance. Selma I’d rather see in the theater. If you see one more of these six before the 22nd, consider Whiplash. Not as likely to win as the others, perhaps, but so tightly wound it’s fascinating to watch. Probably the only one besides Budapest I’m definitely going to watch again.

  5. Loved Grand Budapest. Pure genius, that one. Birdman–ugh. So dark and artsy. And Imitation Game was fascinating story but movie itself was a bit slow . . . I hope GB doesn’t falter just b/c of the timing of release . . .

    • Yes, it’s true that Birdman is dark and artsy, and Imitation Game occasionally plodding. I still liked both, but understand why you wouldn’t. Here’s hoping for G. Budapest though! Definitely the best of the bunch.:) Leah

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