1. I’ve been looking forward to reading Spinster, reviews in the UK have been mixed.
    I need to watch some more Mae West films, I’ve always been a fan of her one-liners (my personal fave: ‘when women go wrong, men go right after them’) but I never would’ve considered her a writer. Clearly there’s still a lot of West for me to discover.

    PS – whilst I’m not sure about the term ‘awakener’ (it’s not just me that finds it cringe-y?!), I’d have to name Nora Ephron and Martha Gellhorn as two of mine.

    • You’ll probably feel mixed about the book (though what I would critique, I’ve noticed, doesn’t come up in the reviews–I really wanted more scenes. Probably partially due to her desire to be esp. nice about and grant privacy to her exes, I had a hazy understanding of her own experience, but did think she had some good insights). I think it’s still well worth reading though. I am growing increasingly found of Ephron and need to read and watch more of her work. I haven’t read Martha Gellhorn. Thank you for the rec! (And yes, “awakeners” is not my favorite term.)

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