1. It’s funny: I’ve watched all those movies and yet never put it together that he was the one matchmaking in each of them. You’re right, and he’s so adorably irresistible, trying to help each couple be happy in spite of themselves.

    • Yes, it’s often not evident at first just how dominant his role is, as it’s easy to get distracted by the stars of the films. But he’s always working in the background, making things work for the couple (and the film):)

  2. YES YES YES!! That scene with his pants in The More the Merrier, and when he’s explaining to her why he’s better than a woman roommate, oh my God. Thank God the Academy actually appreciated comedy back then and gave him an Oscar. And yes, Heaven Can Wait!! He’s the no-nonsense guy every couple needs when they’re acting dumb. Thank you for this fantastic tribute!!

    • Thank you. Oh the pants! And his flustered condition and then that practical explanation. I can’t believe it took me so long to see this movie. It’s wonderful. I wanted to replay it as soon as I’d finished.

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