Mae West: Making an Impression

Mae West always gets her guys (emphasis on the plural). And once she gets them, they stay. In her classic She Done Him Wrong, Lou (West) is en route to visit an ex in prison. Her companion on the visit questions whether her ex will listen to her, given that he’s probably “sore” at her for infidelity. She claims a visit from her will make him think he’s “on vacation.”

“Yeah, he’ll listen to you,” her companion admits.

“Who won’t?” says West. “Once I get ’em, they’re branded.”

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  1. I love the Mae West posts. Huge crush. I was also thinking I’d love to read a list of a few movies you’d like to see remade. Given how we’re going back just a few years and getting more Spidermen, Supermen, Jurassic Parks, I’d like to see some movies that weren’t quite great remade. I’m thinking Hitchcock’s Suspicion as a good example. It was good but it could have been great. The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer is another one (I guess I’m thinking of movies Cary Grant just carried despite the material). Or on the other hand, movies that were great for their time but just seem really dated, either because of sexism, racism, or some other social change. The Big Sleep seems super sexist and homophobic now, but holds up in other ways. Merry Christmas.

    • Thank you! I love that idea. I feel that way about several Katharine Hepburn films too, ones that had so much potential and then because of the Code or other reasons, were butchered in the final version. Wait Until Dark is amazing, but that sexist ending!! It’s almost as painful as My Fair Lady’s. I’ll think of a list of my pet peeves…Suspicion is definitely up there on my list too.

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