1. Michael

    For me, it’s Grace Kelly in “Rear Window” when she starts to believe Jimmy Stewart that his neighbor murdered his wife. She goes to the window and she’s breathless and frightened but also a bit aroused by the situation. She’s in a new place and you can feel that transformation in her.

    By the way, I really like this column idea. The other one I can think of Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday when he carries Audrey Hepburn back to his apartment and he’s gentle and sardonic with her. He’s amazed, turned-on, and utterly gentlemanly towards her. I’d want my son to be Gregory Peck in that moment.

    • Mike, you’re right. She’s amazing in that scene, and mesmerizing in the film altogether. So different than in Dial M for Murder. That’s funny. I thought of Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday too, though I’d have to watch it again to decide the exact moment for me. Thanks! Leah

  2. John

    I fell for Claudette Colbert in the movie Tomorrow Is Forever, just incredible heart felt dialogue in that film.

    As for Bogey, I love him, seen roughly 60 plus films of his now. He is best playing a bit of a crazy. His performance in The Desperate Hours stands out to me and is my favorite Bogart movie along with To Have and Have Not. He also made some gems with EG Robinson, I think you might enjoy Kid Galahad (boxing).

    I would also recommend Swing Your Lady, the movie is so bad that it is good. Fun stuff in there, though Bogey would never admit he made the movie 🙂 .

  3. Why, hello. I was glad to see that others appreciate this classic movie moment. Narry Borman (that’s me) watched this filmed for the 4th time recently. Bogey’s quivering hand and cheeky grin as he leaves the wreckage after his outburst makes a really strong impact; perhaps because it’s a very human reaction from a man who is superhumanly cool for the rest of the film.

    • Thanks for writing, Narry. It’s true. That grin could either mean his act was deliberate, or that he is laughing at himself for his unexpectedly violent reaction. Or both:) It’s such a stunning moment. Just writing about it makes me want to watch a Bogey film right now:)

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